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FluidMarket is an awesome new truck sharing app. Plus, get $20 free credit when you use the Fluid Market Promo …

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Clutter is a great way to move and store your extra items. Visit Clutter.com to try them out. What is …

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HelloTech is the Uber for tech support. Get $20 off with the HelloTech promo code HAPPY20. Have someone come and help you with your problem.

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Use the Takl App promo code 14F7B for 10% off. The Takl App is an on demand handyman app. Note: It’s actually spelled Takl.

Alternatives to Thumbtack

Best Alternatives to Thumbtack, plus coupons up for $100 off

Thumbtack is a handyman for hire marketplace for all your home and office jobs. We share 4 alternatives to Thumbtack you may want to try out as well.

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A description of Takl, the most convenient way to book handyman services in Murfreesboro TN. Use the coupon code 14F7B for 10% off your first booking.

Sites like Handy

5 Awesome Sites like Handy: Chore and Handyman apps to help you out (try Takl with the discount code 14F7B for 10% off)

We review 5 Sites like Handy, including Takl, Thumbtack & TaskRabbit. We also share the Takl promo code 14F7B for 10% off your first cleaning/handyman job!

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Use our Takl Referral Code for 10% off. Takl is the Uber for chores app. Learn about Takl pricing! It started in Takl Nashville and is now nationwide.

Sites like Takl

Sites like Takl: A list of 5 Great Alternatives to the Handyman Hiring Site

UPDATE: Takl is no longer operating. Use Handy instead. Get $40 off your first booking. Takl is a fantastic app …

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TaskRabbit allows you to hire individuals to help with tasks or chores you don’t want to do. Get a $20 TaskRabbit discount here!