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TaskRabbit allows you to easily hire personal assistants for individual tasks or chores. Get $20 credit with the TaskRabbit promo code link here.

TaskRabbit Promo Code: Get $20 free via our Refer a Friend link!

TaskRabbit Promo Code: Get $20 Free!

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Then, you can earn extra free task credit through the TaskRabbit refer a friend program. You’ll find your own personal TaskRabbit discount code at the top of the page once you sign up.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a fantastic marketplace of helpers. You can hire individuals to help you with any of your daily chores or tasks. You can also hire someone on a recurring basis, or an entire staff for a one-time big event!

Some examples of tasks you might hire for:

  • Brand promotion
  • Helping your grandma (in another city) shop for groceries
  • Babysitting
  • Home organization
  • Laundry pickup
  • And more!

TaskRabbit Los Angeles: A Review, plus a list of TaskRabbit competitors

TaskRabbit Los Angeles: A Review

I was recently promoting a certain weed delivery service in the Los Angeles area. I wanted to hand out promo cards at a nearby festival. However, I’m not the best salesperson. Plus, standing in the September heat for 4 hours wasn’t really my idea of a fun time.

So I headed onto TaskRabbit. It’s super simple to post a TaskRabbit job (with the discount code link). Then you can wait for people to apply to the job, or browse TaskRabbits yourself. I knew my budget was $22/hour.  It was easy to narrow down my search to applicants in that price range with the right skill set.

I messaged a couple of people and ended up liking someone named Sarah, who seemed like the perfect fit. She was enthusiastic, friendly, and intimately knew the area I wanted her to promote in.

Now, an upfront note: I didn’t end up hiring on TaskRabbit, as a friend volunteered to help out at this point. But! Next time.

TaskRabbit Promo Code: Get $20 off with this TaskRabbit Coupon Code

I plan to try it out more fully next time, and will update with my results!

TaskRabbit Competitors

TaskRabbit was pretty unique when it first came out. However, there are now some awesome TaskRabbit competitors to watch. Each has it’s own strengths and focus.

Here are a few:

  • Takl: Hire help for ANY task. Simple, locked pricing. Get 10% off with the code 14F7B.
  • UpWork.com: Hire local or remote help. More focussed on programming and computer-based help rather than in-person chores.
  • Handy.com: Hire professional handymen. Housework, cleaning, plumbing, moving, etc.
  • Fiverr.com: Hire people for super small remote gigs. More focussed on graphics, social media and branding. Most cost $5 per gig.
  • Tispr: App for finding people with talents and skills to share. Focussed on leisure activities, like music lessons, language, cooking, etc.

TaskRabbit Coupon Code

Don’t forget to sign up for TaskRabbit using this TaskRabbit coupon code link. It works via their refer a friend program, and earns both the user and the sharer $20 credit. It’s the only way to get a TaskRabbit promo code — via a referral link!