Handyman Services Murfreesboro TN

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We present some options for convenient handyman services in Murfreesboro TN. To start, try using the Takl app. Use the coupon code 14F7B for 10% off your first booking.

Takl: Handyman Services Murfreesboro TN

Takl is a convenient app that lets you book a variety of handyman services on-demand or in advance. Murfreesboro was one of their first 10 cities they opened in.

NOTE: They are currently offering a 10% discount on your first handyman services Murfreesboro booking, when you enter the promo code 14F7B during payment.

The way the app is set up is really simple and neat. If you’ve ever used an on-demand service (examples include: Uber, Instacart, DoorDash), it works kinda the same way. You start by downloading the Takl app and registering for an account.

Next, start your search for the handyman job you need doing. You can either type the job in directly on the home screen of the app, or you can search by category. You’ll really quickly discover how many different jobs and categories there are—you can have almost anything done via Takl!

Next, you will see the price of the job you want done. The price is fixed, and will not vary depending on which handyman ends up coming to do your job. You’ll schedule a time (or say ASAP) for the handyman to come, and enter your payment details.

Then you can sit and wait for your provider! The app will show you their location when it’s almost time for your appointment, so you can see how close they are.

During the appointment, if you think of new things you need done, you can add those on straight from the app. But you must decide on a price with your provider beforehand.

Once the provider has left, you’ll be able to give them a rating and an optional tip. Both help to ensure the quality of the providers on Takl, as well as rewarding great handymen for their good work.

Takl Cost

The cost of individual jobs can be seen upfront on the app, before you schedule the job. These prices are 100% fixed, so you don’t need to worry about haggling or anything. The only amount that isn’t fixed is what you decide to tip. Generally a good amount to tip is 15-20% of the job price.

10% Discount on your Takl Murfreesboro Handyman Services

Once again, don’t forget to use the Takl referral code 14F7B during payment to score 10% off your final price. We recommend using the code on one of the more pricey jobs you want doing, as you can only get it once (and 10% off of $200 is more than 10% off of $100)!

Handyman Services Murfreesboro TN: Try Takl and use the promo code 14F7B for 10% off!