HelloTech Promo Code

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HelloTech is basically the Uber for Tech Support. You call them up, tell them your tech issue, and they help you book an appointment. Then a tech person comes to you! Plus, get $20 off your first appointment with the HelloTech Promo Code HAPPY20.

HelloTech Promo Code

This is a pretty sweet deal. During payment, enter the HelloTech Promo Code HAPPY20 to get $20 off your order.

HelloTech Promo Code: Use HAPPY20 for $20 off this uber for tech support service!

Then, once you’re a loyal customer—you can earn additional free credits by referring your own friends. Each friend you refer will earn you 10% of their booking fee. You can either use those 10% credits to book your own appointments, or you can convert it to cash at a 2 for 1 ratio. Neato!

Is HelloTech the Uber for Tech Support?

In some ways, HelloTech could be considered the Uber for tech support. It works slightly differently, however. For one, you don’t use an app to book your on demand tech support person. Instead, you have to call up HelloTech (1-800-640-7009) and schedule an appointment through them.

This appointment can either be remote—so it’d be over the phone—or it can be an on demand person who actually comes to your home or business.

So it’s probably more accurate to say that Hellotech is an on demand tech support service, rather than the “uber for tech support”. But it’s not a bad description.

What can I call HelloTech for?

HelloTech offers help in a wide variety of areas. They’ll of course do tech support for computers, home theater, network services, phones, and office hardware. But they also can help with mounting TVs and other related tasks. Call them up to see what they can help you with.

And be sure to use the HelloTech promo code HAPPY20 for your $20 discount!