Alternatives to Thumbtack

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Thumbtack is a handyman for hire marketplace for all your home and office jobs. However, there are a few other great alternatives to Thumbtack you may want to try out as well.

Our top pick? The newest app in the market, Takl (be sure to use the promo code 14F7B for 10% off). But below we list 4 great alternatives to Thumbtack, including one for web-based tasks.

Best Alternatives to Thumbtack

Takl is probably the newest handyman for hire app on the market. They are expanding quickly across the US, so check to see if they’re in your town. And be sure to use the Takl Promo Code 14F7B for a 10% discount if you try them out.

Alternatives to Thumbtack: Try Takl, using promo code 14F7B for 10% off

Handy has slightly fewer options than Takl or Thumbtack, but they have been doing the whole cleaner and handyman for hire stuff for awhile now.

TaskRabbit helps you hire for any job that is outside the normal range of jobs. This is a great site for tasks that extend beyond housework or contract work. Think: things that you might ask your personal assistant to do—if you actually had a personal assistant.
Get $20 off at is better for web-based jobs, like helping with your website or designing a logo. So for everything web-based, they got you covered.

Takl Promo Code

If Takl is already in your city, we recommend giving that one a try first. Use the code 14F7B for a 10% discount on your first handyman for hire from Takl. More details here.

If Takl isn’t yet in your city, keep a watch on their page for when it will be opening. And in the meantime, we recommend trying Handy.