Roadie Promo Code

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The Roadie App helps you to transport your items from one place to another. Use this link to get a $10 Roadie promo code credit for your first delivery.

Roadie Promo Code

Get $10 off when you sign up for Roadie with this link. It’s a discount through their refer a friend program. So when you get $10 and place your first delivery, we also get $10!

What is Roadie? Learn about the delivery app, plus get $10 off with our Roadie Promo Code 2017

You can also earn additional credits by referring your own friends with your own Roadie coupon code. You can use those credits to pay for a job, or can cash them out if you complete a gig yourself!

What is the Roadie App?

The Roadie App is an amazing service that exists thanks to the sharing economy. With Roadie, you can do one of two things: Send or Drive.

To Send

If you want to send something, you can post items that you need delivered from one place to another. This can include furniture, smaller objects, or even pets. You don’t need to provide any kind of special packaging—just what you think is needed to stuff it into a car.

You put in details about your item, the general size of it, and the starting and ending points. Then Roadie drivers can see if they’re heading the same direction as your item. If they are, they can pick up the gig. You’ll then coordinate pickup and delivery, and give them some cash for their help. You pay through the app.

To Drive

Anyone can be a Roadie driver. Since you aren’t delivering people (like with Lyft), you don’t go through an intensive application process. If you have a working car and are making some longer-distance trips between various locations, sign up. Then you can peruse the app for items that are going the same way as you. Or you can turn on notifications to only see items that work for you.

You then transport an item and receive some extra cash for doing so. The Roadie app can help to cover some of your gas costs. Or can be a nice way to add a little supplemental income to your earnings.

Try Roadie today and use this link to get that $10 Roadie Promo Code deal!

Roadie App Coupon Code 2017: Get $10 off your Roadie App order!