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The original Coupon King, a music lover and technology maniac. He also has a pet hedgehog named Sid.
Ryanne is addicted to traveling, bargains, and dressing up for tea parties. Her spirit animal is a temperamental ring-tailed lemur.
James has your back for rideshare travel and offbeat entertainment deals. He also speaks French and German, and cooks a mean chicken pot pie.


A part-time chef, part-time graphic designer, and full-time crazy couponing lady. Also, a warning: If she can smell bacon outside your window, she may be ringing the doorbell.
Kristin is our mom-in-residence, who helps with all our kid and mom-related reviews. She has 2 fun-loving tweens, and is an epic picnic-master, gardener and travel adventurer. She’s also a big supporter of morning mimosas.
An entrepreneur (ask him what his specialty is—it’s a hoot!), rock climber, coffee enthusiast, and technology explorer. He’s also the guy who jumps out at you from behind corners, making you drop your coffee (no, I haven’t forgotten).