Clutter Promo Code

Clutter is a great way to move and store your extra items. Visit to try them out.

What is Clutter?

In general, Clutter is a service that will store your items for you. But it’s also more than that. With Clutter, you can have your items packaged and inventoried before storage. Then, when you want a few of your items (or all of them), you can schedule a delivery of those exact items. So, for example, if you are a Halloween-decorating fiend but have no room to store your decorations, you could use Clutter. They would have a full inventory of your Halloween boxes, and come October, you can schedule a delivery of them.

Clutter Promo Code

The Clutter delivery guys meet you at your doorstep with all your requested items. Then when you’re done with them (say in November), you can schedule another pickup and have your decorations taken away again. Easy peasy.

Pricing starts at $7 per item (up to 35 lbs), or at $89/month for a 25 square foot storage space. Labor for pickups or delivery starts at $35/hour (and per mover).

The coolest part is their online UI, where you can view your inventory including pictures, and simply check the box next to the items you want. Genius!

Clutter Promo Code

Currently we do not have a Clutter promo code available, but we will update when we do find one. So stay tuned. See below for a discount to a service that is like Clutter.

Other Services like Clutter

The closest service we found to Clutter is called MakeSpace. Honestly, it’s very very similar—they will pick up and inventory all of your items, and deliver it back to you whenever you want. However, they appear to be a little less transparent in terms of pricing on their website—you have to actually request a quote to see pricing. But they do offer a promo code, which you can learn more about here.

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