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The Takl App is an on demand handyman app. Plus, get 10% off when you use the Takl App Promo Code 14F7B. Visit Takl.com to use it.

What is the Tackle App? Plus, get 10% off with the Tackle app promo code 14F7B

What is the Takl App?

Well, first off—make sure you notice the spelling of Takl. If you’re heard about the app from a friend you might accidentally search for Tackle, which may lead you to some sort of fishing app. So be sure to spell it right!

Ok. So, Takl. The Takl App is pretty killer in how it works and what you can do with it. Basically it lets you book a HUGE range of handyman and home help services, on demand. All the pricing is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about haggling or hidden costs. And all of their providers are customer rated and background checked, so you can feel safe with the person coming to your home or office.

Once you book a provider, you can even see updates on where the provider is as they head to your house. So you can be ready for when they arrive. During the appointment, if you think of any other tasks you’d like them to help with—you can add them to the app (under the “While You’re At It” section). At the end, there is no need to issue payment, as it’s all done through the app. You can also rate your provider, to help other customers decide who they want to hire in the future.

It really is nuts how many different kinds of tasks you can book on there. We’d love if you shared below with the types of tasks you’ve used Takl for, as well as what you thought.

Other On Demand Handyman Services

We adore Takl, but there are also some other great options to try out if Takl isn’t in your area. Check out our list of sites like Takl to learn more about Thumbtack, Handy, and more.