Takl Referral Code

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Takl is a unique household chore app that helps you get your tasks done, easily. It’s like the Uber for chores. Use the Takl Referral Code 14F7B to get 10% off your first Takl booking!

Download the app here.

Takl Referral Code

Get 10% off your first booking with the Takl Referral Code 14F7B. 

To use it, go to the Settings area of the app. Click on the section called “Promo Code”. On that page, enter the Takl credit code 14F7B. You’ll see the 10% discount appear underneath.

Takl Referral Code: Use 14F7B for 10% off Takl, The Uber for Chores app

Takl: Uber for Chores?

Many have been calling Takl the Uber for Chores app. We agree.

Basically, the way it works is simple. You need something done (around the house, office, or yard). It can be a repair or it can be just a boring chore or task you don’t want to do. Go into the Takl app and find the right category for your task. You’ll slowly be able to narrow it down to exactly what you need.

The Takl app lists an exact price for the fix/repair/errand you need. It does depend on the area you live in (what the going prices are). But the prices themselves are fixed. So when your Takl repair person shows up, you know what it’s going to cost, regardless of whether they are a speedster or a slow poke about it.

Origin of the App: Takl Nashville

The Takl app isn’t a super old one. It launched as Takl Nashville in the summer of 2016.

It started with about 500 jobs listed. Anyone could apply to complete those jobs, including students, retirees, or professionals.

There are some apps that have been doing similar things for awhile now, but they have some main differences. Takl’s two main competitors, Handy and TaskRabbit, both require you to book tasks in advance. Takl, on the other hand, sends someone to complete your task immediately. It’s literally an Uber for tasks app.

Takl Pricing

The great thing about Takl pricing is that you can see all costs upfront. There are a billion jobs on there to choose from, and all are priced according to the skill and time required. But once you’ve selected the job you need, you’ll see the exact price you’re going to pay. There is a 9% service fee added to the listed price, but that’s the end of it.

Most jobs cost under $100, and basically all jobs are under $200. To find out your exact job pricing, enter the app and find the task you want!

You can also provide a tip for your task provider if you feel like they did a good job.

Learn more about Takl here. And don’t forget to use the Takl Credit Code 14F7B to get 10% off a booking!

Takl Nashville: Use the Takl Promo Code 14F7B for 10% off (plus learn about Takl Pricing)