Takl Promo Code

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The Takl app lets you book helpers for any household chore you can think of. Or, get educational lessons! Use the Takl Promo Code below and get 10% off your first booking!

10% Off with Talk Promo Code

10% Off with Talk Promo Code

Takl Promo Code

Takl is offering 10% off your first booking with the Takl promo code link above. It will apply your nifty 10% discount to your first order!

Takl App Details

Takl allows you to hire helpers for any household job you can think of. Chore examples include: Auto repair, to haul away, housekeeping, pet care, exercise help, and yardwork. Plus, there are a ton more, and you can also request a “Custom Job” which will come with a custom quote.

Other normal jobs have listed prices—like $40 to clean your dishwasher. Each job will also tell you what your own responsibilities are. Examples include supplying paint, and making sure the area is clear (and animal free) when the helper arrives.

For each chore you select, you’ll see up to three different background-checked providers to choose from. Once you choose a provider, you’ll determine the schedule and work with them to coordinate.

They’ll show up, do your chore, and you’re free sailing!

Takl Coupon Code + Takl Cash

Again, remember to use the Takl Coupon Code to get 10% off your first order.

Then, when you’re fully signed up with Takl, earn more with Takl Cash. Takl is currently letting their users earn cash (actual cash) by sharing with friends. For each friend who signs up and uses your code, they get $25 credit, and you get $25 credit. Don’t miss out on this cool new gig!

ps. If you have your own Takl codes, feel free to post them in the comments below!