UberEATS Promo Code

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Uber’s new app UberEATS will bring you some delicious food, instantly! Use the UberEats promo code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE for $7 off your first meal.

UberEATS Promo Code

Be sure to use the UberEats promo code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE to get $7 off your first UberEats order!

Mention the word Uber and you will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what you are talking about. Mention UberEATS though, and you will get a quite a few blank stares. That’s because this Uber meal delivery service is a pretty recent addition to their lineup.

Uber Eats Promo Code: EATS-UBERHOTVALUE' for a $20 discount.

My UberEATS Review

When you get down to it, Uber’s biggest strength is its numbers. When was the last time you waited for more than a few minutes before an Uber car was at your location (at least in a big city)?

Uber has decided to take this concept and apply it to meal times. What you get is a fleet of cars that can bring you a meal in under 10 minutes no matter where you are. It’s a concept that has been working well in it’s test cities. It also makes my imagination run wild. Like, how else will Uber branch out into other areas of our lives?


What does UberEATS provide?

UberEATS has two types of food delivery. One is their instant food delivery, which provides around 3 or 4 options for lunch and dinner per day. It is always changing and trying new locals vendors.

I find that they give you just enough options per day that it isn’t overwhelming.

They also now offer regular food delivery from local restaurants. Uber Couriers will pick up your food and deliver it to you. If you’re interested in an Uber Courier job, apply here!

You can find all food options on the app. Be sure to use the UberEATS promo code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE when you first order).

UberEATS also has random weeks where they provide extra goodies like a brownie with each order. One time it was macaroons!

They are constantly changing it up and keeping it fresh. I guess they realize that people don’t want to eat the same thing every day. Utensils and napkins are provided with the order as well. So it isn’t uncommon to find people order their UberEATS to a park and have a picnic on the fly.

How UberEATS works

I made the concept of UberEATS sounds simple, but in reality there is a little more that goes on.

Each instant delivery UberEATS car has only a few of each different meal. They are stored in warming bags to keep the food hot. When you select instant delivery, it finds the nearest driver who still has what meal you requested.

Once that driver has run out of their meals, the app will direct them back to a larger vehicle that sits in the middle of different zones. This bigger car will load up the drivers with more food and they can go make more deliveries. I can’t even imagine the extent of the programming that went into knowing what car to send, and how many meals each car has remaining.

For non-instant delivery, you can order anything, from anywhere. Regular Uber couriers deliver your meals, but it is a bit slower (20-45 minutes).

For the user, UberEATS is pretty much the same as the regular Uber app. The top of the app has your location, which is found through the GPS just like when you order a ride. The main page lists all the different meals, displaying them with beautiful images. If you click on the image itself, you can see the ingredients that go into the meal. All you have to do then is press the plus button beneath it and add as many of the meals as you like. Once that is done, click on the shopping cart and press the Request Eats button! A little line at the bottom shows you how long it will take for the nearest UberEATS driver to bring you your meal. As I write this right now, I am only 8 minutes from Hungry to Happy.

Are you Hungry? Use UberEATS Promo Code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE and get $7 dollars off your next meal!


The Cons of UberEATS

Something this great must have some flaws, though UberEATS’ flaws aren’t all that bad. The biggest issue I find with people is the price of the food. A typical dinner through UberEATS will run you around $15-17 (after tax and the $3 delivery fee). That may seem like a lot, but you have to take into account someone is delivering you a hot meal in under 10 minutes. Only a few other Apps I have reviewed such as Radish and Bento promise anywhere near that quick of delivery.

The other problem I run into is when UberEATS offers something really delicious for instant delivery. It is almost impossible to get that item, unless you order it as soon as it opens. Otherwise, the app will try for a few minutes, but eventually will give up and tell you to request later. I have found myself ordering lunch at 11 in the morning, just so I know I will be able to get one of the items. I will say that since the service has grown, this problem has been happening less and less. Either UberEATS has figured out a solution or there are just more drivers.

Give it a try, and be sure to use the UberEATS promo code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE!