Bento Promo Code

Use Bento Promo Code FREE1 to get $5 off
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Bento Now is an On-Demand app that delivers delicious asian food to you in minutes. Get $5 off with the Bento Promo Code FREE1.

Bento Promo Code

Get $5 off On-Demand asian food with the Bento Promo code FREE1!

Not only is Bento delicious and a great deal to begin with, but after you use the Bento promo code above (FREE1) you’re looking at one hell of a bargain.

Use Bento Promo Code FREE1 to get $5 off

Bento Box App Review

I really enjoy asian food, and it is most definitely a staple of my life. But there aren’t a ton of asian places right near the CouponSuck office. So when I found out Bento Box will deliver Asian food in minutes, I had to try it. I downloaded the app and was drooling over the food right away. They made it a very quick and easy process to sign up and start using the app.

I was able to browse a large variety of Asian cuisines, all of which looked delicious. Bento lets you choose a main dish and 4 side dishes to go with it. I decided to go with the Seared Salmon Tataki and chose my 4 sides. Then I entered my address (being sure to use the Bento promo code FREE1 to get my $5 off!). I went through checkout and discovered that BentoNow doesn’t even charge for delivery—a nice surprise, and rather uncommon in the on-demand food delivery marketplace!

I pressed order and went back to work, expecting it to have to wait quite awhile (San Francisco isn’t exactly the quickest city). Much to my surprise the delivery showed up in 15 minutes! The servings of food were huge and I had enough to share with others. The best part was the mochi that they added in for free.

Use Bento Promo Code FREE1 to get $5 off

I am glad to see Bento box bringing asian cuisine into the On Demand food market in San Francisco. I normally get my food from OrderAhead or DoorDash, but they don’t have that many Asian restaurants.

Bento Promo Code: FREE1 gets you $5 off On-Demand asian food.

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