Uber Promo Code 2016

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Uber is an on-demand ridesharing service. It allows you to grab rides from everyday drivers (as if they were a taxi), for cheap!

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The Ultimate Uber Promo Code 2016:

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My Uber Review:

I f***ing love Uber.

As a passenger. I’ll clarify that part in a second.

My traffic life in LA used to be a pain—for example, going out to drink was almost impossible. You’d have to stay sober to drive home, since the buses were difficult/sketchy and a taxi would cost you an arm and a leg. Not to mention require you to book ahead of time, or place a phone call to figure out how to get someone to come to you. And visiting a friend that lived 5 miles away during rush hour? Forget it!

Since Uber came along LA has become a bearable place to live again. Even in rush hour. You can call a car and it picks you up 5 minutes later. You can ignore the stress of traffic as you read a book, play on your phone, or chat with your driver. And now I’ve been able to go out and get more than one beer (the best reason to celebrate)!

Granted, some Uber drivers are grouchy, but overall the quality of the drivers and cars is great. The waiting time between calling a car and it arriving is phenomenal, and the app UI is super simple. Plus, there is an Uber promo code 2016 that gets you your first ride at a $20 discount (code is UBERHOTVALUE)!

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Now, I mentioned that I love Uber as a passenger. I’ve actually driven for Uber (and Lyft), and it’s not as awesome. Uber’s amazing passenger pricing hurts the drivers. Sometimes riders are rude or treat you like a floor mat. I found that Lyft is WAY better as a driver. They treat everyone well, and usually Lyft passengers are friendlier and happier. I don’t know exactly why that is.

Anyway, that’s my Uber review!

Download one of the apps:

Make sure you give it a try, either as a driver or as a passenger. It’s so extremely convenient you won’t believe it!

Use code UBERHOTVALUE to get a $20 ride credit.