Hooch Coupon Code: $5 free

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Hooch is a popular leisure app that gets you free drinks, every day for a small subscription fee.

Plus, get $5 in free credit if you use the Hooch coupon code: b78514 (or click here).

Get $5 in free Hooch tap credit

Get $5 in free Hooch tap credit

Hooch Coupon Code

Normally each month costs $10 for a membership. Membership gets you access to one free drink every single day of the month. But, if you use the Hooch coupon code link here or use code b78514 you can get $5 in free tap credit right away!

More about Hooch

If you want a full review of the Hooch app, you can read one on TopDown. But here we’ll just overview the general gist of how Hooch works.

Hooch is a membership subscription app. You pay a monthly fee ($9.99), and in return you get access to membership benefits. These membership benefits are pretty crazy awesome, especially if you live or work in the right area of town. Basically, the app allows you to receive one free drink from any of its listed bars, each day (so that’s up to 31 free drinks a month, for just a $9.99 membership fee).

There are usually only 2-3 different drink choices you can select from, but they are usually really nice drinks. I’ve glanced at the menu sometimes after ordering, and noticed the drinks I’m getting normally cost $15 or more. Personally, my favorite Hooch drink in Los Angeles is the Pico Palmetto at the Villains Tavern in Downtown.

Apps like Hooch

The only apps like Hooch we’ve found in Los Angeles is called Pairchute. But there are tons of apps like Hooch in New York. Try out FrinkFullGlass and FirstCall to start. All of them work in a somewhat similar way to the Hooch app—giving you free drinks (or discounts, like buy one get one free) for trying out new places. Usually they do all have a monthly membership fee, but it’s always pretty minimal.

Which free drink app is your favorite?