Frink Promo Code

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The Frink app helps save you hundreds each month on drinks at your favorite bars and nightclubs.

Frink Promo Code

Use the Frink Promo Code: BFC1FE5CF5 to get a free trial month for the Frink app!

Get a free drink every day from your favorite lounge, nightclub or bar, and get your first month for free with the Frink Promo Code!

Frink Promo Code: Get a Free trial month of free drinks with coupon code: BFC1FE5CF5

My Frink Review:

Who doesn’t like getting a free drink? No one! And now there’s an app that can get you a free drink every single day!

Meet Frink, the app that gets you one free drink per day at participating bars and nightclubs. There are many participating venues, and you can choose from all of your favorite beers, wines or mixed drinks. This app can help you save hundreds of dollars each month, so you can go out and party in style at a fraction of the cost.

I thought, there must be a catch here. But there really isn’t! Bars and nightclubs sign up to participate with Frink to gain business and customer loyalty. You use Frink to get free drinks. Everyone wins!

Frink Promo Code: Get a Free trial month of free drinks with coupon code: BFC1FE5CF5

Are you and your friends always looking for new places to hang out? Frink also helps you find fun, new bars and nightclubs to try. New places are always being added to the app. But not just any places, Frink sticks with popular and well-run establishments. No dives. Explore the nightlife in your town confidently, and save money too.

The app is easy to use, and can save you a lot of money each month. You simply go to your favorite participating bar, show them the app, and get one free drink, no strings attached. You can switch up which bars you go to, or if you’ve got a favorite hot spot, you can get a free drink there every night.

With the Frink coupon code, you can try the app for the first month for free, and see if you like it. If you want to keep using the app, it’s just $5 a month after that, less than the cost of one drink!

If you’re a frequent bar or nightclub goer, you should definitely use the Frink coupon code and try out this great service to save yourself some cash. Visit Frink.