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The Eight Sleep mattress cover tracks your sleep. It then adjusts your bed temperature to help you have a better nights sleep. Get $100 off the Eight Sleep Mattress by clicking here. What a steal!

Eight Sleep Promo Code: $100 off a Mattress

Eight Promo Code: Get $100 off your Eight MattressFOR THE MATTRESS:

Step 1: Get $100 off by clicking here. Once you click it, you’ll see a blue banner at the top of the page that lets you know the Eight Sleep promo code. Enter it at checkout.


Step 1: Start by getting $20 off by clicking here. Once you click it, the blue banner at the top of the page will tell you the Eight Sleep promo code. It should appear as a $20 discount during checkout.

Step 2: You can THEN apply any discounts that the Eight Sleep page offers. This Eight promo code is usually listed at the top right corner of the page.

More about the Eight Smart Mattress

This post was actually originally written about the mattress cover, but you can read more about the Smart Mattress itself here in this post.

What is the Eight Mattress Cover?

The Eight Mattress cover is pretty bananas. You purchase whichever mattress cover fits your current mattress. Put it on your bed and set it up.

Then your Eight mattress cover will automatically track your sleep patterns. It will then adjust your covers temperature to keep you warm when you normally are too cold, and vice versa. Crawl into a toasty bed during winter, or a cooling bed during summer. And as your body temperature drops, the mattress cover keeps you comfortable and sleeping soundly.

The tracker can also connect with your Smart Home. It will instruct your thermostat (like Nest) to cool or warm your room according to how you’re sleeping!

How cool (or warm) is that?

Check out the Eight Sleep Mattress Cover out here.

Again, that Eight Promo Code

Don’t forget to visit via this link to get $100 off your mattress.

What is the Eight Sleep Mattress? Get $100 off with our Eight Sleep Promo Code

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