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Currently the Optiwatt app is giving new users $5 free if they use an Optiwatt referral code, like YYOJHU. It’s part of their referral program to gain new users.

Optiwatt Invite Code | $5 free with code: YYOJHU

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How Optiwatt Makes Your EV Charge Less and Drive More

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is a thrill. You’re cruising greener, saving on gas, and maybe even enjoying some futuristic whooshes as you pass by gas stations. But there’s one lingering worry: the electric bill. Charging those batteries can bite into your savings, leaving you wondering if you’ve swapped one fuel dependence for another.

Enter Optiwatt, the smart charging app that turns that frown upside down. This handy tool is like a whisperer to your wallet, telling it the secrets of peak and off-peak electricity rates in your area. But it’s not just about eavesdropping – Optiwatt takes action!

Here’s how it works:

  • Rates in real-time: Ditch the guesswork. Optiwatt connects directly with your home utility, pulling in the latest electricity prices by the minute. No more cryptic bills or confusing rate schedules.
  • Charging that chills: Forget late-night scrambling for a plug. Optiwatt automatically schedules your EV charging for the cheapest times of day, even factoring in your desired departure time. No more sacrificing sleep for savings.
  • Smarter than your average toaster: Optiwatt understands battery health too. It optimizes charging to minimize stress on your battery, ensuring a longer, happier life for your EV.
  • Green thumbs up: You’re already driving electric, but Optiwatt takes it a step further. It prioritizes charging when renewable energy sources are on the grid, making your miles even greener.

The results? Savings. Optiwatt boasts an average of $388 saved per year on your electricity bill. That’s enough for a few extra road trips, a fancy charging cable upgrade, or maybe even a guilt-free splurge on those futuristic whoosh generators.

But wait, there’s more! Optiwatt isn’t just for homebodies. This app can also help businesses optimize their electricity use, leading to even bigger savings.

So, why not plug into the future with Optiwatt? It’s free to use, compatible with almost every EV on the road, and helps you save money while doing good for the planet. What’s not to love?

Ready to ditch the charging anxiety and embrace electric savings? Download Optiwatt today and start driving toward a brighter (and cheaper) future!

P.S. Want to learn more? Check out Optiwatt’s website or app for all the juicy details. And happy charging!

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