EV Energy App Invite Code | 25 points with code: 916658

The ev.energy app is the best way to charge an electric vehicle. Get 25 points with the EV Energy Invite Code: 916658

EV Energy Invite code

Get 25 points

EV Energy Invite Code Details

Currently the Ev.Energy app is giving new users 25 free if they use an Ev.energy referral code, like this one: 916658. It’s part of their referral program to gain new users.

EV Energy Invite Code | 25 points with code: 916658

Also! Once you’re all signed up, you can refer your own friends and earn $5 every time someone signs up using your EV Energy App Invite Code. Win, win.

Ditch the Drama, Charge Smarter: Why the ev.energy App Is Your EV BFF

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is a thrill ride – zero emissions, quiet purr, and that smug feeling of leaving gas stations in the dust. But let’s be honest, the charging situation can be…dramatic. Peak rates, range anxiety, deciphering tariffs – it’s enough to make you miss the simplicity of pumping petrol (gas, for our American friends).

Enter the ev.energy app, the superhero your EV charging life needs. It’s like having a personal assistant, a financial advisor, and an environmental guru all rolled into one. Here’s why your fingers need to be tapping that download button right now:

Charge Like a Jedi Master:

ev.energy uses the Force (okay, it’s actually a clever algorithm) to predict the cheapest and greenest times to charge your car. No more staring at confusing electricity graphs or panicking about peak rates. Your car magically charges when it’s most wallet-friendly and planet-friendly, like some kind of electric Robin Hood.

Save Some Green (and Not Just the Environmental Kind):

Speaking of wallets, ev.energy can slash your charging costs. Say goodbye to surprise bills and embrace predictable, optimized charging that won’t send your budget into a tailspin. You’ll be seeing those “Yay, savings!” notifications more often than your neighbor’s cat photos.

Go Green Without the Guilt:

Charging an EV can feel a bit like cheating on Mother Nature. But ev.energy helps you make up for that by tracking your charging’s carbon footprint. See how much cleaner your commute is compared to a gas guzzler, and get rewarded for making smart choices with their points system. You’ll be a sustainability superstar in no time.

Data, Glorious Data:

Knowledge is power, and ev.energy puts tons of data at your fingertips. Track your charging history, monitor your energy usage, and even see how your solar panels are contributing to your electric oasis. It’s like having a real-time report card for your EV life, and trust me, you’ll want to be an A student.

More Than Just an App, It’s a Community:

ev.energy connects you with a network of fellow EV enthusiasts. Share charging tips, swap stories, and maybe even plan some epic road trips together. It’s a friendly reminder that you’re not alone in this electric adventure.

So, ditch the charging drama and embrace the future. Download the ev.energy app, and let it be your guide to a simpler, greener, and way more awesome EV experience.

Pro-tip: Want to take your EV life to the next level? Upgrade to their smart charger. It lets ev.energy work its magic directly, meaning even more automated charging goodness.

Remember, get 25 points when you use the ev.energy App Invite code: 916658