Eatable Discount Code | $5 off code: HAPPY10

Eatable Discount Code | $5 off code: HAPPY10

Get $5 off alcohol-infused gourmet popcorn with the Eatable Discount Code: HAPPY10

Using the Eatable Promo Code

Using the Eatable promo code is easy. Simply add all your desired product to your cart and head on over to the checkout page. You’ll see a box on the side labelled Discount Code. Enter the code HAPPY10 and hit the Enter button and you’ll see $5 melt off your total.


About Eatable Alcohol-infused popcorn

EATABLE flavors are inspired by classic cocktails, wine and spirits for a sophisticated taste and texture worthy of those who truly appreciate the good stuff.

Classic favorites are elevated with a modern grown-up twist. Their cooking process eliminates virtually all of the alcohol content, leaving the residual flavor notes from the drinks you love, without the guilt!

Hard, unpopped kernels are every popcorn lover’s pet peeve. That’s why Eatable painstakingly hand-sifts every batch to ensure only the best kernels make it into the bag. 

It starts with locally sourced non-GMO corn kernels, that are popped and bagged fresh.

Their caramel and candy flavors get twice-baked in the oven to yield the most ideal taste and texture with a crisp, satisfying crunch.

Give it a try! And don’t forget to use the Eatable Discount Code: HAPPY10

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