Doughbies Promo Code

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Doughbies delivers freshly baked cookies to you in under 20 minutes. It’s like Uber, but for cookies! Get $5 in Doughbies credit by signing up via this link (or using code kddnxkuo).

Need a Doughbies Promo Code? Well it’s a link!

Use the Doughbies promo code kddnxkuo for $5 credit. You can also click this link. Time for delicious, fresh, free cookies!

Plus, if you share your own Doughbies referral code, you can earn credits too! The credits sadly don’t stack though. So you can only use $5 off per order, even if you refer 100 friends.

NOTE: Did you know Uber will also deliver cookies, for cheaper? Download UberEats and get $20 free with the code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE.

Doughbies Cookie Delivery Review

Who doesn’t like warm cookies straight out of the oven? Doughbies took that idea and brought it to the on-demand market. With the press of a button, you can have fresh cookies delivered straight to your place in under 20 minutes. I had to try ordering Doughbies to check out just how fresh they really were.Doughbies Promo Code: Get a $5 discount

I used the link above to go to the Doughbies website and created an account. I downloaded the app, impressed with how clean and beautiful it was. It had an oddly cookie-feel to the design. It is a very simple layout, with the menu listing all of the cookies and how much you would like to order. I like the look of the Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt.

The $5 credit is already applied to your account if you use a referral link. So all you need to do is buy your cheap cookies and sit back and wait. The cookies should arrive in under 30 minutes. A friend has ordered before, and let me tell you, they were every bit as good as I had hoped. The inside was gooey and soft while the outside edges were just a tiny bit hard. Drool.

How to Use the Doughbies Discount Deal:

  1. Sign up with the $5 cookie discount already applied (or enter code kddnxkuo)
  2. Create a Doughbies account
  3. Order your cookies through the site or download the app for easy on the go ordering
  4. Sit back and wait for the cookies to come to you.

I use a lot of apps for food like DorDash and OrderAhead, but I have never found one for only desserts. After eating the warm Doughbies cookies that came 13 minutes after I ordered them, I’m sold! Why not give into your craving? With the Doughbies Promo Code for $5 off, it’s hard to say no.

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Doughbies Promo Code: Click the link for $5 off