Celsius Referral Code | $50 sign up bonus with code: 1120178002

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Celsius Referral Code | Sign up bonus: 1120178002

What is the Celsius App?

The Celsius Network is a fintech platform that’s accessible to anyone with a smartphone. With its suite of lending, yield creation , and payments solutions, the Celsius Network provides access to financial services and conditions not available through conventional institutions. At its core, the Celsius mandate is simple: ensure financial services while doing what’s best for the community, not intermediaries.

Rather than borrow from disjointed sources, investors such as hedge funds can borrow from a proven source: the Celsius Network. Celsius presents an attractive opportunity for large institutional investors looking for a secure onramp to the market by aggregating currencies into one large pool. The interest Celsius earns from these investors is fed back into the community. 80% of profits are rewarded to Celsius Network users, while 20% is used to fund development on the platform. A closer look at each segment of the Celsius Network highlights a robust ecosystem of incentivized interactions.

Celsius Sign Up Bonus + Celsius Network Referral Code Program

Right now Celsius is offering a $50 sign up bonus when you use a referral code such as the one on this page and then transfer in $400 or more.

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