Uber Promo Code 2019

Uber is a ridesharing service across the world. Use the Uber Promo Code UBERHOTVALUE for $20 Uber credit. Or scroll down for details on being an Uber Driver 2018 (including a bonus)!

Uber Promo Code 2018: For Riders

New Uber Riders: Use the Uber Promo Code 2018 UBERHOTVALUE for a $20 credit to use anytime, anywhere. You can use it on a single ride or over the course of multiple smaller rides.

UberEATS: If you want to order food through the UberEats app, use the code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE. It will get you $20 in food credit.

Existing Uber Riders: If you’re an existing Uber rider, try the Lyft app with the code WNY for a $50 bonus.

Uber Driver Bonus 2018

If you want to drive for Uber, be sure to use this referral link to score your Uber Driver Bonus 2018 deal. You can get up to $500 in bonus cash just by applying through a referral link like this one. Or, you can enter the code UBERHOTVALUE

Depending on your city, you could receive up to $500 as a bonus. This is usually granted within the first month of doing rides or food/item deliveries.

Uber Driver 2017: Get up to $500 as a signup bonus using our referral link

I say food/item deliveries because Uber now lets you deliver food for UberEats or UberRush. So if you’re not feeling up for conversation, or want to listen to your own music, do the food/item delivery! It’s the same signup process. We have a ton more details on Uber Rush on this page.

NOTE: We also highly recommend signing up to Drive for Lyft. If you click this link or use the code  WNY you will be eligible for up to a $2000 Lyft bonus upon signup (depending on your city)!

Again, that $20 Uber Promotion Code 2018 for Riders

We assume most of you came to this page looking for an Uber promotion code 2017 for riders, specifically. So don’t forget to enter the code UBERHOTVALUE to get $20 on your first ride or first few rides with Uber!