StyleBee Promo Code

The StyleBee App delivers blowouts, makeup and haircuts to your door with the press of a button. Use the StyleBee Promo Code FREECUT for $25 off.

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StyleBee Promo Code

Get $25 off haircut or blowout with StyleBee when you use the StyleBee promo code FREECUT.

StyleBee Promo Code: Get $25 Off with coupon code FREECUT, plus read our StyleBee review!

StyleBee is the best on-demand hairstyling app for anyone who…has hair. They connect the best hairstylists to the clients that need them, with the press of a button. Blowouts, Makeup or just a haircut, StyleBee can do all of it! Use StyleBee Promo Code FREECUT and get$25 off!

My StyleBee Review

There is something so relaxing about being comfortable at home while getting your hair cut. That is what I learned after I had my first haircut through the app StyleBee. I decided to try out the Uber-like app when I didn’t feel like going out. Much to my pleasure, the hairstylist who came gave me an amazing haircut and was a genuinely nice person!

Normally they don’t do women’s cuts but I emailed them and they made an exception. How nice!

The StyleBee app asks you to wash and brush your hair, leaving it wet before the stylist arrives. It’s good to have a table near an outlet, so that they can plug in their instruments of beautification. My stylist brought her own products for my hair, but she made sure to ask if I had anything special I used. I loved being able to get a haircut in my own home, I was able to have a glass of wine next to me while I got the haircut.

My boyfriend has also used StyleBee for a haircut, multiple times. His hair always looks great and the first time it ended up being much cheaper because the StyleBee Promo Code FREECUT  got him $25 dollars off. The app runs smoothly and I have never had any problems paying or getting a stylist. I will get a haircut from the comfort of my own home from now on!

StyleBee Promo Code: Get $25 Off with coupon code FREECUT, plus read our StyleBee review!

How to use the StyleBee Promo Code

  1. Click here to sign up and claim your beauty pass worth $25 dollars!
  2. Enter your information to create an account
  3. Either use the website or download the iPhone app.
  4. Select what type of haircut, blowout or makeup you would like
  5. Select the date and time and enter you address
  6. Sit back and look beautiful!

It’s time to call in the professionals. Save yourself that trip to the store and let them come to you. When you use StyleBee Promo Code FREECUT it will actually be cheaper than if you drove in the first place!