Nurx Promo Code

Nurx is a service that will ship you monthly packs of birth control, starting at $15/month (with or without insurance). Plus, get a $20 bonus right off the bat when you use the Nurx Promo Code DAWN-5S37.

Nurx Promo Code

The Nurx Promo Code deal works via their refer a friend program. To get your $20, simply enter the Nurx coupon code DAWN-5S37 during checkout.

Nurx Promo Code: Get $20 off with the coupon code DAWN-5S37

Since this product starts at only $15/month, that’s like getting an entire month of birth control for free. It’s a pretty incredible intro deal, if you ask me!

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More about Nurx

It’s now easier than ever to get birth control that works for you. With Nurx, you can get birth control with or without insurance. If you have insurance, it’s free (or the cost of your copay), and if you don’t—its not expensive at all.

Sign up for Nurx and you’ll be asked questions about your lifestyle and needs. Nurx’ doctors will help you determine the birth control you need, and prescribe you a 3 month prescription. Then every 3 months, you’ll receive a new set of 3 months. Shipping is free, discrete and easy.

Earning Credits with your own Nurx Coupon Code

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your own Nurx coupon code listed at the bottom. The way it works is—you give your friends or followers a $20 discount, and you’ll receive your own $20 credit towards your account. Pretty sweet deal!

Ps. Be sure to use the Nurx promo code DAWN-5S37 when you first order, so you can get your initial $20 credit as well.

Nurx Coupon Code: Get $20 free with the code DAWN-5S37

Other ways to get Birth Control via an App

We adore the women’s health app Maven Clinic, which can hook you up with prescriptions and video conferences with doctors. Get $25 off when you use the details in this post.