Maven Clinic Referral Code

The Maven Clinic is a fast and easy way for women to have video conferences with real doctors. At Maven Healthcare, you can get advice, prescriptions, and recommendations from women’s health experts.

Plus, get a $25 credit when you sign up with the Maven Clinic Referral Code LUCYFVIP (or click here).

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Maven Clinic Referral Code

Be sure you enter the Maven Referral Code LUCYFVIP right upon signup. It’s your only chance to earn those free $25 credits, so don’t miss out!

Maven Referral Code: Use LUCYFVIP for $25 to Maven Healthcare video doctor's appointments!Since a regular video appointment is about $20, this can get you a Maven free consultation with this one code. So you can try the app out and see if you like it.

What is Maven Healthcare?

The Maven healthcare app is revolutionary. With it, you can video conference with a women’s health expert.

These doctors can speak with you on a variety of topics, like general health, UTIs, reproductive health, and more. They can then offer suggestions, prescribe medications, and or even just council you through tough times. It’s all rather convenient.

I personally have had one appointment through the Maven Healthcare clinic. It was actually free, as I made use of that $25 credit to get a Maven free consultation (it’s the Maven referral code LUCYFVIP). The appointment was around 15 minutes, and I discussed my general health and wellbeing. The doctor was very professional and friendly, and I’d love to chat with her again next time I need to.

At roughly $20 for a quick 15 minute video appointment, you can’t go wrong. I mean, you’re spending less time and money than visiting a doctor through your normal insurance!

If you can’t visit a doctor easily, or hate the ordeal of the doctor’s office, check it out.

Maven Clinic Referral Code: Use LUCYFVIP for $25 credit (a free consultation!)

Again, that Maven Referral Code (for a free consultation)!

During signup, you’ll see a box for a Maven Clinic Referral Code. Enter the code LUCYFVIP and you’ll get $25 credits added to your account.

Or click here and the credits will be automatically applied.