NetSpend Referral Code

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NetSpend is an awesome place to get prepaid debit cards, for yourself or your business. Plus, get a $20 FREE bonus when you sign up via this link (the link enters the NetSpend referral code ‘4455124520’ automatically).

NetSpend Referral Code: Get $20 free

To get your $20 free NetSpend bonus, you must sign up via a referral link like this one here, or use the Netspend promo code 4455124520.

NetSpend Referral Code: Get $20 free with this promo code link!

You’ll see that it takes you to a special $20 sign up page. If you sign up without using a referral link, you won’t even see a box for the NetSpend referral code to go into.

Once you’re signed up, you must add at least $40 to your prepaid card in order to be eligible for the $20 bonus. At that point, you can also refer your own friends and earn $20 for each new friend who signs up and does the same thing!

What is NetSpend?

NetSpend is a website where you can quickly and easily apply to get access to a prepaid debit card, which you can load in whatever increments you like. This is a really great service to use if you don’t have a credit card, or want to be able to limit the amount available in the card, in case it gets stolen or someone is on a budget.

Note: There are fees associated with performing certain actions using the card, which you should review before you sign up. If you use their free plan (vs their $9.95/month plan), it costs anywhere between $1.00 to $2.50 to perform actions like making a purchase or withdrawing money from the ATM. Not awesome if you perform a lot of actions, but it might work depending on your particular situation.

Other Places with Deals like the NetSpend Promo Code

Lastly! If you’re not sure about NetSpend, there are definitely other prepaid debit card places out there. One we’ve tried before is called RushCard, and they actually have a $30 free bonus deal that you can learn more about here.