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Rushcard Referral Code 2017: get $30 free

RushCard is a prepaid Visa debit card that you can use anywhere that takes credit cards (shopping, bills, etc)—plus you can even take money out at ATMs! Use code CHRISTOPHERGRIM1 for $30 free cash bonus.

$30 Rush Card Promo Code. Get $30 added to your rush card when you sign up with our promo code

$30 Rush Card Promo Code. Get $30 added to your rush card when you sign up with our promo code

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We Have a RushCard Promo Code Worth $30

RushCard Promo Code: $30 Bonus: Get $30 automatically loaded onto your RushCard when you sign up through this Rushcard referral code link here or use the code CHRISTOPHERGRIM1

This Rush Card promo code comes in the form of a link. Simply visit and sign up for an account through this link and you will automatically receive your $30 bonus loaded onto your card. Woohoo!

RushCard Review

I was a bit confused as to how the RushCard worked at first, as I have never had a prepaid debit card before. So before signing up I did my research.

As you probably already know, nothing comes for free, including having a RushCard. I did the math to make sure it was worth it.

They have two different payment plans—the Unlimited one, which charges you $7.95 per month but lets you charge as many transactions as you want. Doing the math, that’s $95 per year—roughly what a nice, points-earning credit card would get you. To me, that wasn’t worth it—even for the awesome $30 RushCard referral code bonus you get. I’d rather use a credit card and earn points from my purchases.

RushCard Promo Code 2017: Get $30 Bonus with our RushCard Referral Code

However, they have another plan that did appeal to me. It’s the Pay As You Go plan. It costs $1 per transaction, up to 10 transactions per month. The purpose of this card for me was to always have a way to buy something when I travel, even if my credit cards fail. The $1 per transaction charge was worth it to me to have this card as a backup. Plus, if I never have to use it—it costs me nothing…and I still have my $30 bonus.

So I went ahead and applied—they don’t check credit or anything, since you’re the one uploading money, and aren’t using credit at all. The card won’t work if you haven’t put anything on it. I was approved quickly and they sent me the card in the mail—took about a week.

Once you activate your card, you have to go ahead and load it with some mulah. You can do this through their site via direct deposit, you can deposit cash directly at one of their deposit centers (The Register, MoneyPak, MoneyGram or Western Union), or have your Walmart checks deposited directly, if that’s where you work.

I used Direct Deposit through their site and threw $40 in there. I was happy to discover that my bonus $30 was, indeed, already on the card—so I had $60, woohoo!

As I’m using this as an emergency card, I haven’t made a ton of purchases on it. But I did make two, just to test it out and make sure it works. Sure enough, it did a great job—worked just like a credit card when I was buying my groceries.

Give it a try!

Sign up through the RushCard Referral Code link for the Bonus

Get $30 automatically loaded onto your RushCard when you sign up through this Rushcard referral code link!

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