Hello Alfred Coupon Code

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Hello Alfred is a service that connects you with a weekly personal assistant (or butler). They’ll help you with keeping your house clean, shopping, and any other tasks you don’t want to do! Use the Hello Alfred coupon code KATEF24 for a free week (value: $40).

We have a Hello Alfred Coupon Code:

Use the Hello Alfred coupon code KATEF24 to get a free week with your Alfred. It’s worth $40!

Hello Alfred Promo Code 2017: Use code KATEF24

What is Hello Alfred?

Hello Alfred is an on-demand personal assistant service. It’s named after the incredibly helpful and awesome butler from Batman, of course.

You pay a weekly fee (from $22-42), and your butler will do your stuff for you. Such as: keep your house tidy, dropoff and pickup dry cleaning, or stock your fridge with items you want.

There are more things! Your Alfred will be able to:

  • Clean up around the house
  • Get groceries
  • Do laundry
  • Drop off/pickup dry cleaning
  • Tailor your clothes (what year is this?!)
  • Ship packages (although I recommend using Shyp for that, it’s soooo easy)
  • Drop off and pickup prescriptions
  • And more! I wonder if they’d help me with my gardening?

I am beyond stoked about this service.

Hello Alfred Coupon Code : Get a WEEK free ($40 value)

Hello Alfred Review

I haven’t yet tried Hello Alfred, as it is not yet in Los Angeles. But according to some of my NY friends, Hello Alfred is unbelievable. For $32/week, your Alfred comes to your house, restocks my fridge and picks up your laundry. You can send them the grocery list each week, and when you get home that day, bam. The fridge is full of your favorites. All from your preferred store, so you don’t pay a premium. And your dry cleaning is put away in the closet.

It sounds like a hotel experience. Like you’re staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel…in 1950. Like you’re Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (minus the being a hooker part).

Definitely give this a try and let me know if you utilize any of Alfred’s other services. They also can pick up pharmacy prescriptions too. And tailor clothes. Will let you know if I try it out!

Want to sign up for Hello Alfred?

Why wouldn’t you? But it’s unfortunately slow to have enough spaces open for everyone who wants in. It’s so hot right now.

To get on the waiting list, head on over to the HelloAlfred.com homepage here.  That link also includes the Hello Alfred coupon code deal for a free week. You’ll see an option to get on the waiting list for when Hello Alfred opens in your city, or when they have enough Alfreds to go around!

Hello Alfred Coupon Code : Get a WEEK free ($40 value)