Fresh Direct Promo Code 2016

Fresh Direct is an online grocery store for quality products at great prices, with quick and easy shipping to your door. Click for $100 off at Fresh Direct!

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Looking for a Fresh Direct Promo Code 2016?

Click for $100 off at Fresh Direct!

The details of the deal are pretty simple. Basically, you must click this link to sign up (a specific Fresh Direct promo code isn’t needed, just the link). You’ll get $50 for each of your first two orders, but each order must be over $125. So save up some grocery lists and go all out!

Fresh Direct Review

I actually don’t live on the East Coast, but when I was there visiting friends a few months ago I made a note to talk to them about their experience ordering from Fresh Direct so that I could share a review here!

They said they’d purchased a bunch of beers and some steaks for a fun BBQ night on Fresh Direct.  They punched in their search terms and found some really delicious options. I’m an IPA guy and so is my friend, so he got some IPA beers, threw in some great grilling steaks, some potatoes and corn, and also a selection of cheeses and crackers to start with. Since the Fresh Direct Promo code for $100 off requires you to spend $125, he also added a few odds and ends (like toothpaste, etc) that he needed anyway.

Everything arrived within two days, and the meats and cheeses were stored in cooling containers. He fired up the grill and had a great evening!

Fresh Direct Promo Code 2016 : Get $100 OFF

Steps for using Fresh Direct

  1. Head on over to, being sure to use one of the links on this page to activate the Fresh Direct promo code.
  2. Throw some food into your basket (over $125 if you want the promo code to work)
  3. Checkout and wait for delivery (which is quick!)

Along with Instacart, FreshDirect is one of my favorite online grocery shopping go-tos—if you’re on the East Coast, that is. Give it a try!

Fresh Direct Promo Code 2016 : Get $100 OFF