Favor Delivery Promo Code

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Favor Delivery is a fun new app that promises to bring you anything you want in under an hour. Use the Favor Delivery promo code FAVOR3 for $5 off your first delivery from Favor!

Free Favor Delivery Promo Code

This awesome free Favor delivery code will get you a $5 credit on any of their thousands of delivery stores. Simply enter the Favor Delivery Coupon Code FAVOR3 into the app and the credit will apply. Wahoo!

Favor Delivery App Review

I was in Austin for business when I realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush. I had to finish a proposal and didn’t have enough time to get go to the grocery store to pick up a replacement.

Then I remembered about the app Favor. I plugged in my address and checked out the selection of available stores—there was a ton on there! I could order essentials such as toothpaste and aspirin or even get a hamburger and shake. At this point my hotel told me they had toothbrushes for me, so I didn’t follow through. But if I had, I would have used the $5 Favor Delivery promo code FAVOR3 for a discount to get my toothbrush for free (score)!

The app is beautiful and super easy to navigate. Favor delivered as promised and delivery less than an hour. Awesome.

 Use the Free Favor Delivery Promo Code FAVOR3 to get $5 off the app

How to Use Favor Delivery

  1. Download the FavorDelivery App
  2. Put in your location
  3. Search for your item from their selection of stores
  4. Checkout using the Favor Delivery promo code FAVOR3 to get $5 off
  5. Receive the item in under an hour!

Favor Delivery Zones

  • Austin
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • And More! Download Favor Delivery to see if you are in city with Favor.

Use Favor Delivery Promo Code FAVOR3 to get $5 off the app

Overall I am excited to try the Favor Delivery App for real next time. The app is clean and easy to use. Their delivery area is growing quickly, with new cities added practically every day. I think it will be a competitor with DoorDash and Delivery.com (for food) and other similar apps in no time at all.

I recommend giving Favor a try!

Use Favor Delivery Promo Code FAVOR3 to get $5 off the app