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My Review is a great way to be lazy. You can take ultimate advantage of the sweet technology that on-demand apps offer. So of course it was right up my alley.

My first time ordering from I decided Mexican food sounded good. I signed up for an account (with the $7 promo code deal).  I then clicked the Mexican food section on the app and found a couple of Mexican places near me that deliver. I ended up choosing Taco Love.

I punched in a few choices for food with their really easy to use user interface, and selected a time for delivery. I actually didn’t get home in time for it, so it was waiting very nicely on my doorstep when I arrived. Yum!

I didn’t really encounter any hiccups, but I’ll be trying the service again and see how it plays out. Overall I’m pretty pleased and I’ll be ordering groceries next. Promo Code : Get $7 off your food order!

Steps for using

  1. Sign up for an account (using the $7 deal, of course).
  2. Enter your address, find what you’re looking for, and easily order what you want. It can be groceries, delivery food, or alcohol!
  3. Choose pickup or delivery.
  4. Swing by and grab it on your way home, or have the items delivered right to your house or workplace.
  5. Enjoy!

You can also use the apps:

I’ve tried a lot of on-demand apps in my day, and seems like it’s trying to unify them. I bet soon you’ll be able to deliver ANYTHING from them. I mean, they already are doing laundry pickup and return!

I await the day I can order a bouncy castle to my house on a whim.

Click here to get $7 with our Promo Code referral link.