DoorDash Promo Code

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DoorDash delivers lunch and dinner from your favorite local restaurants, right to your door! Get $30 off with when you use the DoorDash promo code link here.

DoorDash Promo Code 2022

Get $30 off at DoorDash by clicking the link above!

My DoorDash Review

UPDATE: I now use UberEats for almost all my food delivery. I still love DoorDash, but I prefer UberEats. Learn more here, or use the UberEats code EATS-UBERHOTVALUE for $20 free.

I only use DoorDash for one restaurant. It’s my favorite local Indian place, and that makes it more than worth it for me. I’m sorta a pro at it.

First off, I got my $30 credit and FREE delivery. Then I downloaded the app so I could browse while I was on the toilet. Yes, you heard me.

There are SO many freaking places available to order from on DoorDash. It’s almost every restaurant (it seems like). I live in LA so usually the weather is nice enough for me to take a jaunt down the street to actually pick up my food. But on the rare occasion I’m feeling lazy or it’s rainy, DoorDash is such an obvious go-to.

It’s simple to order. Once you’ve chosen your cuisine type, you can see all the restaurants in that category. Choose one (you can see reviews!), and all of their available menu items pop up, along with photos. Add a few, breeze through checkout, and hit “Deliver!” Then it’s on it’s way to you and your hungry belly.

Get the DoorDash Apps

And that’s pretty much it for my review!

If you’ve gotten this far in the post, you should already know about the DoorDash Promo code on offer. But just in case you missed it somehow, you gotta use the code to redeem it.

Anywho! One last thing—I highly recommend using the app over the website, as it is just so much more convenient. Next time you find yourself without dinner but are too lazy to cook or go out, give DoorDash a whirl. You may get hooked!