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MakeSpace Storage is an on-demand storage service. They will pickup and store your items—and you barely lift a finger. MakeSpace NYC was the first location. But they now also operate in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Chicago!

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How NYC Storage Used to Be

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I love traveling, and never really stick to a single spot for too long. That said, I do have an apartment in NY that I love and never want to permanently give up.

So when I travel for months at a time, I end up subletting the apartment. I’ll leave some furniture there, but I usually have to store some of it. Plus I need somewhere for my actual personal belongings.


In the past, I often split up the stuff amongst friends, and paid a regular storage place to hold the rest. It was fussy, and took a ton of time, not to mention traveling to the storage space in the butt end of beyond. And then the difficulty of loading/unloading all the heavy stuff (I’m not a big guy).

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Then MakeSpace came along, and everything became easier. They are sorta like Uber for storage. You schedule a pickup time, and movers come and help you finish boxing your stuff. Then they take care of loading it up into their truck, and speed it away. That’s literally the last time you have to deal with it. It blew my mind.

When you next want your stuff, simply schedule a new delivery time. The guys come back with your requested items, and help you move it into the building. It costs $19.99 for the delivery. You can have them bring all or just some of your stuff.

For me it would be perfect for when I do my long trips with the sublet apartment. Friends have told me it’s amazing just for moving house. You can store your items just for a month while you’re in limbo. It’s so simple.

Pricing is pretty reasonable—the $169/month plan sounds about right for me. It would fit a good chunk of my stuff from my small one-bedroom. I think in the future I’ll also probably use one of their smaller storage options for my Halloween decoration stuff. I think it could all fit into one of their $39/month spaces. But it would be way worth it for me, since I only need it once per year.

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