Cleanly Promo Code

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Cleanly is tumbling its way into the on demand clothes washing market, cleaning up NYC first.

Cleanly Promo Code

Cleanly Coupon Code: FRESHCL10 for $30 off your laundry and dry-cleaning at Cleanly!

Cleanly Review

Last week I had a bit too much fun at the bar and managed to spill a very full glass of wine down the front of my shirt. My pitiful attempt to dab at the massive red stain did nothing and I was left with a ruined expensive business shirt. I have recently done a review on Washio (which is another On Demand laundry company) and wondered if there were any new ones I could try out. To my excitement, I found a new one named Cleanly!

What better way to test out a new service, but to give them a challenge. I downloaded the app and signed up, using my Cleanly Promo Code FRESHCL10 to get $30 off (it pretty much made my order free.) The signup is very easy, entering your email, phone number, and name. I would say the app is a little cleaner looking than Washio, but it is also newer. Then I put in my address and breathed a sigh of relief as my New York address was covered by their coverage. Cleanly is currently only in New York, but it is growing quickly!

I set a pickup time that worked with my schedule and went about my day. I got a text letting me know that my person was on their way, which gave me the right amount of time to get ready. I handed over the shirt and was good to go. A few days later they delivered it back to me and the stain was gone! Granted I don’t get many things dry cleaned, but this seemed like magic. The pickup was very smooth and both the person who delivered and the person who dropped off were extremely nice. If I had to summarize my whole Cleanly experience into one word, it would be “Easy.” Also maybe cheap, especially with the Cleanly Promo Code FRESHCL10.

The On Demand economy is growing rapidly and with it the magic of dry cleaning delivered to your door. Get on board now and stay warm and dry next washing day. Give Cleanly a try and make sure to use Cleanly Promo Code FRESHCL10.