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Skip waiting at restaurants and go straight to eating with the Allset app. Use the Allset Promo Code CERU15 for $50 off.

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Use this Allset Promo Code

Use the Allset Promo Code CERU15 to get an additional $50 off your meal.

My Allset Review

Allsetnow is one of my favorite new apps, hands down. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have been using it for lunch at my favorite restaurants. The app is very similar to one of my other favorite apps called Reserve, as well as the Cover App. All three apps work on the same premise—the app takes care of the fussy restaurant billing and reservation stuff before you even sit down to eat. This leaves lunch or dinner as an relaxing experience focusing on the food and your dinner companions.

Allset is a really nice looking app, super simple to use and very straight forward. You put in your location and find a place you want to eat. They have detailed menus for each of the restaurants and it’s really simple to choose your meals and the time you want to eat. Then you checkout, getting the payment out of the way beforehand. Make sure to use Allset Promo Code CERU15 to get $20 off your meal!

That’s it! You show up at the time you selected and they will sit you at an already prepared table. Relax and enjoy yourself—no need to even worry about what to eat—you’ve already chosen! After you are done eating you can leave whenever you like, as the bill is already taken care of. This gives the diner the ultimate control of their time. Allsetnow allows diners to leave right away or just lounge and enjoy their glass of wine.

I love apps like this, mainly because it makes the dining experience so wonderful. Use the Allset Promo Code CERU15 and your first meal is almost free!