Zoox Promo Code | New Users get $20 off your first ride

On demand autonomous ride hailing. Get $20 off your your first ride with the Zoox Promo Code. 

Zoox Promo Code

Get $20 off your first ride with Zoox Promo Code

Zoox Promo Code

Currently Zoox is giving new users $20 off their first ride.  Simply use the Zoox Coupon Code in your Zoox app to get the discount.

Zoox Promo Code | New Users get $20 off their first ride

Also! Once you’re all signed up, you can refer your own friends and earn $20 per new signup. Win, win.

What is Zoox?

Zoox was founded to make personal transportation safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable—for everyone. To achieve that goal, the team created a whole new form of transportation. Zoox will provide mobility-as-a-service in dense urban environments. They will handle the driving, charging, maintenance, and upgrades for their fleet of vehicles. The rider will simply pay for the service.

We’ll be honest—we’re pretty darn excited to start using Zoox on a regular basis. It sounds a lot like Uber…..but without the awkward conversations or confusion about tipping.

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Again, be sure to use the Zoox Coupon Code to get the $20 New User discount applied to your account.