Zip Pay Referral Code | $10 free with code: BG07J2

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Zip Pay referral code

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Zip App Invite Code

So currently the Zip App is giving new users a $10 bonus if they use the Zip Pay Invite Code: BG07J2 when they sign up.

Zip Pay Referral Code | $10 with Zip App Invite code: BG07J2

Also! Once you’re all signed up, you can refer your own friends and earn $10 every time someone signs up using your Zip App invite code. Win, win.

What is the Zip Pay App?

We’re in love with the Zip Pay App!

You can easily purchase items through multiple payments using the Zip app.

You can also refer friends to earn unlimited rewards. If they enter your Zip referral code during signup, you’ll get $10 and they’ll get $10 too.

Remember, use the Zip Pay Invite code BG07J2.