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YourMechanic is an on-demand app for car repair. Simply request a mechanic, receive a quote, and your car will be visited and fixed! Click here to get $20 off your first order.

YourMechanic Promo Code:

A special YourMechanic promo code isn’t needed (they don’t exist), but use this link for $20 off!

It’s a great little bonus discount on an already great deal. YourMechanic is quicker, cheaper and more trustworthy than most auto repair places I know. Plus, because they quote you a fixed price upfront, you don’t need to stress about the idea of haggling!

YourMechanic Promo Code: Click for $20 off!

Here’s how YourMechanic works:

  1. Head on over to YourMechanic (use this link for the $20 discount, no need for a YourMechanic promo code)
  2. Create an account and enter your car/payment details
  3. When you have a car problem, simply enter the app or website and report what you’re experiencing.
  4. YourMechanic will provide a fixed quote, and send someone out to you at your convenience.
  5. Hang out at your house/workplace while the mechanic works on your car.
  6. Carry on with your day, and your car is fixed!

YourMechanic Promo Code: $20 discount on-demand car repairs

Cities and Services YourMechanic Offers:

YourMechanic is pretty much all over the US. You can view a list of all cities here: View Cities

You can get most basic car services through YourMechanic. For specifics you can check out this page: View Services

I’ve always hated going to get my car fixed, partly because it’s a big pain. But mainly because I feel like they’re going to take me for a ride when they find out I know nothing about cars. YourMechanic has been such a relief. I’m quoted online, and the mechanic that shows up sticks to the quoted price. Plus, I don’t have to deal with traveling back from the shop without a car!

One thing to note is that YourMechanic is not an on-demand service. If your car breaks down on the side of the road, don’t call YourMechanic. Call AAA or something. Usually you have to book a YourMechanic appointment at least a day in advance.

But still, when you have the time, it’s worth giving them a try. Click here for $20 off your first YourMechanic order.

YourMechanic Promo Code : Get $20 off repairs