Yaarlo Promo Code

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Yaarlo is an exciting new app that lets you earn gift cards, just by doing your normal shopping! Use the Yaarlo Promo Code LUCYFA697 for an instant $2 bonus.

Yaarlo Promo Code

The entire app is all about earning. Starting off with the Yaarlo promo code LUCYFA697 gets you earning before you even have to do any shopping! You should be able to enter the promo code during registration.

My Yaarlo App Review

The Yaarlo App is a no-brainer. You simply shop, log your receipts, and instantly earn cash back. Cash back is in the form of either gift cards, or actual cash (paid through Paypal). Pretty much most stores are on there, so it’s quite easy to accumulate earings if you shop a lot.  Which I do, so this Yaarlo App review was super easy for me!

I started out with the Yaarlo Promo Code LUCYFA697 to get a sneaky bonus credit right off the bat. Then a simple account creation and I was rocking and rolling. I headed on over to Target and was happy to realize that on my $95 bill, I earned 2% back—basically $2! The craziest part is that I know my credit card also gives me 2% back on purchases, so essentially I earned 4% cashback when I shopped at Target.

The great thing about the app is that you don’t even have to remember to use it while you’re shopping. You can enter your receipts afterwards, up to weeks later!

The Yaarlo app also lists which stores will get you the best cash back deals. For example, Kohl’s earns you a whopping 3% back—that’s crazy! And like I mentioned, that is ON TOP OF any cashback you earn through your credit card. Wahoo!

Overall, I’m in love with Yaarlo. What’s not to like?

Bonus: Earn Extra

This is a sneaky little tidbit, but did you know you can earn more by referring friends? You give your friends a $2 credit with your personal Yaarlo referral code. And you too get a $2 credit when they process their first transaction. Awesome, huh?