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Wingz is a taxi app for rides to the airport. Book in advance and get a great price on your ride. Read our Wingz app review below—but first, get a $5 Wingz Promo code deal by clicking this link.

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Wingz App Review

The Wingz app is taking a niche approach to the taxi app arena. It’s basically a combination of a shuttle, a taxi and an Uber. You book the ride in advance, see the fixed price in advance, and you can only go to an airport.

I’ve used Wingz a few times now, so feel pretty comfortable doing a proper Wingz App review. I’ve also used their competitor Uber, so can do a Wingz vs Uber comparison later on.

My Wingz Rides (Wingz SFO, LAX and PDX)

I travel a lot, so do a lot of trips from hotels to the airport. Usually at really annoying times of the night/morning, like 5am or 11pm.

Wingz App Review: Wingz Taxi App vs UberI’ve now used Wingz 3 times—to Wingz LAX, Wingz SFO and Wingz PDX. From my house, once from a hotel, and once from an Airbnb. Two of the times, my driver was sitting outside when I came out of the house. The third time, he pulled up about 2 minutes later. The car was clean and nice, and the driver helped get my bags into the car, even when I had a lot one time.

All three drivers were polite and friendly, without talking TOO much. Which was nice, because all I wanted was to close my eyes and open them at the airport. Which is exactly what happened! I suppose they probably talk more during the daytime!

Overall I do recommend this service. However, see my Wingz vs Uber comparison below just before you book a ride.

Wingz vs Uber


I found the drivers with Wingz were more professional and more helpful than with Uber. Maybe they are just used to dealing with travelers and their luggage, so they didn’t make me feel like I was a hassle. I liked that.


With Wingz, it’s really easy to book a ride in advance. That used to be something they were able to lord over Uber and Lyft, and it worked. However, Uber has recently rolled out (mid-2016) a ride scheduling feature. I haven’t yet used it, but I bet it’s going to run a place like Wingz out of the marketplace. Sadly.


Uber is great if you don’t mind waiting between 5-20 minutes to get picked up. But there’s always the risk with Uber that there won’t be any cars when you need it, and where you need it. With Wingz, you are booking a guaranteed ride and dealing with it ages before you need to go. No need to fuss when you’re ready to go to the airport—your driver will already be outside.


I’ve usually found that Uber is a bit cheaper than Wingz, especially if you’re up for doing an UberPool. So in price, usually I say that Uber wins.


Overall I’d say that if you’re going from a popular area, during the day, you should opt for Uber. It will be cheaper and not a lot longer of a wait.

However, if you live somewhere a bit awkward, or are going at an unconventional time, book with Wingz. They’ll make sure you get to the airport on time.

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Wingz Promo Code & App review. Plus Compare Wingz vs Uber