Wayfair Supply Promo Code

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WayFair Supply offers businesses up to $100 free credit on their Supply website. Receive your Wayfair Supply promo code when you enroll via a referral link like this one.

Wayfair Supply Promo Code

There’s a really awesome free credit offer right now from WayFair Supply. Sign up for the WayFair Business Program, and you will get a WayFair Supply promo code worth the following amounts (depending on how much you spend on your first order):

  • $25 off $200
  • $50 off $500
  • $100 off $750

Sign up here to access the discount.

What do I need to Qualify for the Wayfair Business Program?

The Wayfair Supply site is a way for businesses of any size to receive discounts on items normally sold on Wayfair. Office furniture and supplies, for example.

In order to qualitfy for the Wayfair Business Program you will need to prove that you are, in fact, a business. This means you have to upload a verification document, such as a Resale Certificate, State Tax exemption form, or a Business License.

The whole process is really quick and simply. You can sign up here and qualify for your $100 Wayfair Supply promo code.

WayFair Business Promo Code

Don’t miss out on such a big discount! If you’re spending over $750, you could be looking at a $100 promo code just by entering a tiny bit of business information.

Be sure to sign up for the Business program first!