Washos Promo Code

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If you need your car washed, but don’t want the hassle of taking it somewhere then look no further than Washos. This Californian-based company offers the first on-demand mobile car washing service.

Washos Promo Code

Use the Washos Coupon Code: 383c4 for $10 off your first mobile car wash from Washos.

Washos provides same day appointments. Each of their certified washing crews coming supplied with premium, ecofriendly washing supplies. Use the Washos coupon code 383c4 to give them a try and see for yourself what everyone is raving about.

Washos Promo Code: Get $20 off and read our review!

Washos Review

There isn’t much to say about this service—its super simple. If you drive a nice car and want to keep it nice, you usually gotta work. Strip down to your shorts and wash the car or take it to a car wash and wait while it is being washed. But what if this wasn’t the only way to get a beautiful car? What if you could come back to your car at night, and find that it is completely clean?

I tried out a similar app called Purple earlier this year. It is pretty much the same premise except they fill up your gas tank while you are away. I now cannot live without Purple (click here for 2 gallons of gas free or use the code B4TFZ) now. It sounds like Washos can do some similarly awesome things for your car. Plus, if you use the Washos Promo Code 383c4, you’ll get $10 off anyways!

How to use Washos

Download the app and create an account. Chose the date you want and the address of your car, making sure to enter your license plate and car details. Enter your credit card information. Then as the time nears, they dispatch a cleaning crew towards your car.

Then they wash your car, as simple as that. They notified your of each step. The app says they will come out and re-wash your car for free if you have any complaint, too. They do pretty much everything without water and it only takes them around an hour.

Washos Promo Code: Get $20 off and read our review!

Their first car wash level is the Lavish Car Wash and that will run you $29 dollars. It is worth giving it a try, just to see how much you like it and only pay 9 dollars. If you enjoy it, make sure to tell your friends and give them the Washos Promo Code 383c4.

Get $10 off your first mobile car wash from Washos with the Washos Coupon Code 383c4.