WagWalking.com Coupon Code

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Wag Walking is an app that helps you get your dog walked by responsible people. Use the WagWalking.com Coupon Code HAPPY20 to get $20 off your first walking experience!

WagWalking.com Coupon Code: Get $20 off

WagWalking.com Coupon Code: Get $20 off with the code HAPPY20

Use the Wagwalking.com Coupon Code HAPPY20 for a $20 discount on your first booking.

It’s a super great deal, as a 30 minute walk generally costs $20 (pricing details here), and an hour long walk costs $30. So this WagWalking.com promo code deal is good for an entire half-hour walk, or 2/3 of a full hour long walk!

I know my dog probably would be half dead at the end of an hour long walk, so a half hour one is good for me (and him)!

Wag Walking Details

It’s a pretty simple app, but I’m happy to break it down anyway! Your dog needs walks, and sometimes you just don’t have time. The Wag Walking app lets you book walks for your dog from reviewed and trusted walkers in your neighborhood.

You can additionally book Wag Dog Sitting for when you’re going out of town and don’t want to put Fido in the kennel. Both programs are really great for your dog, and will build new friendships for them with local walkers (and dogs) in your neighborhood!

Wag Ambassador Program: Earn $25 by promoting with your own WagWalking.com promo codeWag! Ambassador Program

If you love the concept behind Wag Walking, and are great at promotions or talking to new people, look into the Wag! Ambassador program. When you are accepted into the program, you’ll be given your own unique WagWalking.com promo code. It is worth $20 off for new customers. When someone uses your code and books a walk, you earn $25. In cash!

For more details and to sign up, go here.

WagWalking.com Promo Code

One last time, don’t forget to use the WagWalking.com coupon code HAPPY20 for $20 off your first booking. Then sign up to refer friends or become a Wag! ambassador to earn more by sharing.