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Wag Walking is an awesome dog walking and dog sitting service. Find your dog local Wag Walkers near your house! Get $20 off your first Wag Walking booking when you sign up with the Wag Walking Promo Code HAPPY20

Get $20 Off With Wag Walking Coupon Code HAPPY20

Get $20 Off With Wag Walking Coupon Code HAPPY20

Wag Walking Promo Code: Get $20 off your First Wag Walking Experience

Wag Promo Code: Get $20 with code HAPPY20 plus read our Wag Dog Walking ReviewIf you’re new to Wag Walking, be sure to score big on a new user discount when you sign up. Use the Wag Coupon Code HAPPY20 for $20 off your first dog walking or dog sitting service.

Wag Walking Review

I live in Los Angeles, about a mile from the beach. I love walking my dog Carlton  around the neighborhood, and do it whenever I can.

That being said, sometimes things get crazy at work, and I don’t get home until rather late. And sometimes I go out of town, and need to figure out a good place for Carlton to hang out while I’m away.

Wag Promo Code: Wag Dog Walking Review and Discount Code HAPPY20 for $20 off

The thing is, Carlton is like me—he’s a man of routine. If he doesn’t get his 6pm walk, he goes a little nuts when I finally do get home. Neighbors have told me Carlton howls sometimes before I get back. Uh oh! That situation is not ideal, for him OR for the neighbors. Yeek!

Enter: Wag Walking!

From what I’ve heard, Wag Walking is a super convenient, easy way to have your dog walked whenever you need. There’s no commitment, like a subscription or anything like that. I haven’t yet given it a try, but it’s on my radar. I like the idea that I can request a walker when I’m going to be late at work. Walkers respond straight through the app, which is easy and quick.

Booking looks straightforward, and prices are reasonable. The app is very modern—I believe you can even see a GPS route of your dogs walk, and a notification when it’s complete. From friends I’ve talked to, sometimes you’ll even get a photo of your dog on the walk!

The best part about it all is that you don’t have to worry about your dog being nuts or howling while you’re late at work.

To summarize, from what I’ve heard, the Wag Dog Walking review results are all positive. I know it’s going to make my life a lot easier. We have yet to try Wag Dog Sitting, but I know someday we will signup!

Try out Wag Walking by clicking here. Don’t forget that Wag Walking Coupon Code HAPPY20 for $20 free.

Don’t Forget that Wag Walking Promo Code

Get $20 off your first Wag Walking booking with Wag coupon code HAPPY20.