Vinyl Me Please Discount: Vinyl Record Subscription

New Vinyl Records Discount: Get a VMP Promo Code
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Vinyl Me Please is a monthly LP subscription service. Click here for Vinyl Me Please discount deals up to $10 off.

Vinyl Me Please Discount

Get $10 off your first month by signing up through a Vinyl Me Please refer a friend link. Click here to visit Vinyl Me Please discount referral page for details. Then try the subscription out at a lower risk and see how you like it!

The monthly subscription starts at $23/month. But the $10 discount helps with that first month!

New Vinyl Records Discount: Get a VMP Promo CodeAbout Vinyl Me Please

I’ve subscribed for over a year, so I feel like I have enough experience to do a Vinyl Me Please review. Plus answer some of the more common questions about the popular vinyl subscription.

How Does the Vinyl Record Subscription Work?

VMP works like any other subscription service. You pay a monthly fee of around $27, and they send you a new record each month. It’s cheaper if you pay upfront, plus you get more “switching” options.

Each month’s record is custom made. The actual vinyl comes in a cool color or design. The artwork for the album is also custom and original. Finally, the record comes with a cocktail “pairing” recipe. If you have a well-stocked bar, this can be a fun way to really get into the groove.

What Sort of New Vinyl Records Do you Get?

If you subscribe to the regular month to month subscription, you get whatever the heck VMP sends you. They are always new vinyl records (of new or old things). But it literally could be anything—even from genres you’ve never even heard of.

Here are some samples songs from some of the records I’ve gotten:

Vinyl Me Please Discount: Learn about this Vinyl Record Subscription

My Overall Experience

So far the records have been…unusual. I love the surprise element, but sometimes there is just a bit TOO much surprise. True, I’ve enjoyed many of the albums I’ve received. But I have also had some records where I’ve had to work hard to find a single song I liked. But for some reason, despite that drawback, I still feel addicted and excited for my next one.

The colorful vinyl and the custom album artwork are badass. There’s no two ways about it. Always unique and random, and made by a great artist. Each one would make a great addition to any empty walls (especially in bachelor pads).

Lastly, I do like drinking, but like most people (I think?) I don’t have a fully stocked bar. Some of the ingredients for the cocktails are a bit unusual. And the last thing I want to do when I get home from work, ready to rock out—is drive back out and buy random cocktail stuff. That said, it’s still a cool idea—just not something that I’ve ever taken advantage of. So when you read that “bonus” feature in the subscription description, keep yourself in mind. Is that really something you’d actually do?

Despite all my comments above, I do enjoy the service. But probably not as much as my coworker Steven does (read his review here).

Is Vinyl Me Please Worth The Price?

I’d say it depends. If you love surprises more than anything else, then yes. It’s also great if you feel stuck in your musical tastes. VMP can help turn you upside down and inside out, and find new styles you like.

The price is a lot for a “grab bag” album, which is how some of them feel. You might be better off spending $20 on an album of your own choice. However, some of these artists and albums were never actually recorded on vinyl. So if you want to listen to something in record-format, VMP might be your best bet. Be sure to visit via a Vinyl Me Please discount link like a refer a friend one.

Overall Vinyl Me Please Verdict

If you are thrifty and careful with your money, perhaps buy your own albums. But if you love surprises and don’t mind having either a hit or a miss each month, it’s good fun. Overall I have enjoyed experimenting with the new sounds, and have been subscribed over a year now.

I’ll probably stay awhile longer. Click here to check it out for yourself.

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