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VNYL Promo Code: $10 discount
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The VNYL subscription is a monthly vinyl record service. At Vnyl org you can pay as little as $22/month for 1 record delivered monthly. The ultra 3 record VNYL price is $39.

VNYL Coupon Code

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$10 Vinyl subscription Credit

Get $10 credit towards your vinyl subscription

Once you become a subscriber, the $10 credit appears in your account. You can then use the credit in their member store. It’s a great discount considering records in their store start at $22. So you could easily be paying $12 for a record that you’ve always wanted, or never knew you wanted until now!

What is the VNYL Subscription?

About the VNYL Subscription: Details, including VNYL price and a VNYL coupon code
I’m really into records and the vinyl revival situation that’s been going on. I’ve been a subscriber to VNYL’s competitor, Vinyl Me Please (see my review here) for ages now. When I heard of the VNYL subscription, I thought it would be exactly the same concept.

I was so wrong!

I mean, yes technically they are sending you a new record every month, in the same way. But the vital difference is that it is curated FOR YOU. That’s right—it’s a curated record subscription!

On Vnyl org, the first thing you do is create an account. This account can be as detailed or vague as you like. They do encourage you to connect your account to a music service so they can really learn about you.

You can connect accounts from:

  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Discogs
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Rdio

There is also a survey you can complete about your tastes, and favorite music. You also mention music you absolutely do not like. Then your personal record curator will decide on a record to send you every single month. Curated. Amazing.

Vnyl Coupon Code: Get a $10 VNYL org discount

VNYL Price

The VNYL price list is super reasonable. Especially considering a single record from the store costs at least $20, no matter where you go.

  • 1 record a month: $22 including shipping
  • 3 records a month: $39 including shipping
  • Store: Records start at $22 each. They also sell awesome TRNTBL record players starting at $351.

If you’re don’t know if you’ll enjoy a record subscription, start with the 1 record a month subscription. And if the price tag of their record players is too high, we recommend this $99 Crosley one from Amazon. It’s the one we own, and it rocks.

VNYL org Discount

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