Discount Code has awesome bed and seat products for your doggy. Plus, get 10% off your order with the Discount Code: HAPPY10. Discount Code: HAPPY10

More about has some of the comfiest looking beds for dogs. There’s a variety of types too, so you can figure out exactly what your dog needs and get that bed. For example, there’s a big squishy orthopedic bed that has a little pillow edge around it, that is great for big, old dogs. There’s also a faux fur rug that includes memory foam so your pet can feel extra luxurious but still be comfy. And there is of course an elevated bed that is for those super hot days that your dog just wants a breeze flowing underneath him.

Beyond beds, has a bunch of products to protect your car when you bring your dog along—at the same time making it extra comfy for them! This includes door guards and little safety belts! And of course seat guards for the front and back seats. Keeps leather protected from claws, and all materials from getting too covered in dog fur and slobber.

We definitely recommend taking a tour around the site to see what else is in store. What I really like is that there are a good number of options without it being overwhelming. So if you have a gist of what your dog needs, you’ll find it immediately and won’t have to ho and hum to figure out which one is right.

More about the Discount Code

To get the 10% discount, on the checkout page simply add the discount code HAPPY10 to the section that asks for the code. Hit apply, and you’ll see 10% fall right off your final total.