ThriveMarket Discount Code

ThriveMarket is an online grocer which specializes in products that are healthy or are unique to particular diets. Plus, get 30% off your order and free shipping when you sign up via a friend referral link like this one.

ThriveMarket Discount Code

Get 30% off your order (and free shipping) here. It works for first-time customers, and has no limit (so you can order $1000 worth of stuff and still get 30% off).

They also have a refer a friend program, so once you’ve placed your first order you can earn additional credits by referring new friends. You’d do this through your own personal ThriveMarket discount code link found in your account.

My Favorite Products on Thrive Market

I’ve been ordering from Thrive for a few years now, and I definitely have a couple of favorite products.

I always order their olive oil, particularly the Napa Valley Naturals one. I also have fallen in love with Rao’s pasta sauces—I have tried a ton of different vodka sauces, and this one is the best, hands down. It’s $7, which is a bit pricey for pasta sauce—but it’s worth it. It goes a long way because it’s so flavorful.

In terms of salsa, the best I’ve ever found is Green Mountain Gringo. They offer it in mild, medium or hot—so there’s a level for everyone. I usually switch between the mild and medium, depending on how spicy I’m feeling that evening! The Green Mountain Gringo tortilla chips are great too, and pair well with that salsa.

Your Favorites?

We’d love to hear what your favorite Thrive products are. And feel free to share your own Thrive Market discount code links below!