The Bouqs Coupon

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The Bouqs is a flower delivery service. Order online quickly and easily and receive the flowers cut fresh from the farm…the same day! Get a FREE bouquet (value $40) by clicking on our The Bouqs Coupon link here.

The Bouqs Coupon Code

Get a FREE bouquet worth $40 by visiting this referral link. It isn’t a Bouqs coupon code but rather works as a referral link. But the discount is the same!

The Bouqs Review

There’s something about a vase of fresh flowers on your kitchen table that really makes you feel like an adult, isn’t there?

I live in a house with roommates, and it’s often a bit of a mess. However, twice a month—after our Handy cleaner hero comes, it’s spotless, but it’s always seemed to be missing something. And I realized that it was a lovely vase of fresh flowers.

With that in mind, I headed on over to I was already equipped with a The Bouqs coupon code (click here to get the same one, for a $40 free bouquet!), so I thought I might as well give it a try—I mean, why wouldn’t I? The first order was free so there wasn’t really a risk involved.

The Bouqs Coupon Code : FREE bouquet worth $40, order flowers online!

I ordered some sunflowers because they are my mother’s favorite, and somehow became mine too vicariously. They were covered under the Bouqs coupon code deal, and I actually received them later the next day. It’s great because it’s not just a single flower, it’s an arrangement that looks a little wild—like you picked it from your own garden.

They were very fresh, nicely wrapped up, and lasted for ages in my vase. The roommates were very confused when they found them, but in a good way. We’ll be doing this again (we may even consider one of their subscriptions)!

Steps for using The Bouqs

  1. Head on over to The Bouqs (this link gets you the Bouqs coupon code)
  2. Go either to the Shop or to their Subscriptions (depends on what you want, I suggest trying a bouquet out first before subscribing)
  3. Find the bouquet you’d like, and add it to your cart.
  4. Checkout, and wait for the delivery guy to arrive (either the same day, or next day).
  5. Enjoy a beautiful home!